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We offer a variety of insurance options here at OakPoint Insurance. There are many ways to insure with us whether you are looking for home insurance, umbrella, auto, life, commercial, flood, or boat/watercraft policies. There are various ways to make sure that you maintain protection. Home insurance is great for protecting your valuables and home from unpredicted disasters and other perils. Auto, life, and commercial insurance are also good to have because they can protect you in the event something was to happen. Umbrella insurance will cover you past your limits on your current auto or home insurance policies and is beneficial for people that have higher net worth. You can be faced with many risks, and the best way to keep you and your family secured is by having the proper insurance.

What insurance is required in your state?

In many states, it is mandatory that you carry auto insurance (if you own a car). Life insurance is not mandatory, but it works by paying on a policy that will then be given to your beneficiaries if you were to pass away. Commercial insurance is not required; however, if you have any company vehicles, they must be insured. Worker's compensation is also required by law. Boat and watercraft insurance, as well as flood insurance, are not mandatory by law, but the only way to keep your belongings protected is by purchasing a policy.

A variety of coverage options are available for all of the insurance mentioned above.

The following are just a few of different insurance policies we offer:

  • Bodily injury coverage
  • Liability
  • Property damage coverage
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Dwelling
  • Loss of use
  • Medical payments
  • Roadside assistance

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You can simply obtain a quote on our website at OakPoint Insurance for auto and home insurance. You can also give us a call if you have any questions about any particular insurance coverage. We look forward to helping you.

While we have a physical presence in Maryland and North Carolina, we serve all across the following states: Maryland, Texas, Virginia, Delaware, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Ohio.