Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Options

Our agents here at OakPoint Insurance can assist you in finding an umbrella policy to help with any gaps you may have in your auto, home, or other personal coverage. We will make sure to go over all of your current policies to see what you are eligible for in terms of policy limits. Umbrella insurance acts as great supplemental insurance for liability policies. It can be for your RV, condo, boat, or other types of insurance. It picks up where your current policy ends and will benefit anyone.

Umbrella Insurance Laws

While umbrella insurance may not be mandatory in your state, the policies that it may protect can be legally required, such as auto insurance. Many policy limits are placed on auto and homeowner insurance policies, usually up to $500,000. Umbrella insurance is the only additional protection that can exceed those limits. It is not a replacement but an extra type of coverage that you can add to your already standard policies. If you were to face a lawsuit or other litigation matter, umbrella insurance would generally be your only defense to keep you from paying anything out of your pockets.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

You can typically obtain umbrella insurance in $1 million increments. If you are someone who has many high-value assets, you may want to consider adding a higher limit.

Policies usually cover all of the following:

  • Motor vehicles; e.g., trucks, cars, RVs, motorcycles, and watercraft
  • Property claims already covered in a homeowner policy
  • Business claims already covered in a homeowner policy
  • Slander, invasion of privacy, and defamation of character allegations

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