Life Insurance

It is very easy for people to not think about life insurance, especially when life gets in the way and you are busy with other things. However, as uncomfortable as it may be to talk about life insurance, it is vital for your future and the future of your family. We can help you choose the right life insurance policy here at OakPoint Insurance. Unfortunately, we can not avoid death, and the only way to help prepare for the unthinkable is by having a policy already in line.

Are there laws that require me to purchase life insurance?

Life insurance may not be required in your state; however, it is recommended.

Take a look at a few statistics to get you going on the right track:

  • $106,000 is the average life insurance benefit in Maryland
  • 10% of residents in Maryland are living with diabetes
  • The number one killer in Maryland is heart disease

This is a great way to obtain coverage to help with the costs of funerals and the recovery period for your family afterward. There is a wide selection of life insurance plans to choose from that contain a variety of coverage amounts and much more.


You can take advantage of any of the following life insurance policies:

  • Whole life insurance - This policy will contain a fixed premium for the entire term of your life insurance policy
  • Term life insurance - This policy consists of a more defined term. They are not long-term policies and are only temporary.
  • Universal life insurance - These are similar to whole life insurance policies since they do not expire. However, you are also given the option to change your amount for death benefits at any time.

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